Module 5:

Create and share video campaign reports


With your campaign up and running, you’ll want to find a quick and easy way to create, analyze, and share campaign performance with colleagues and clients.

Twitter Ads Manager allows you to use third-party measurement, predefined views, and custom reporting. This allows you to spend less time configuring reports and more time bringing strategic analysis to your campaigns and clients.

In this module, we’ll start with a review of third-party audience measurement metrics available through Twitter’s measurement partners. Next, we’ll move into how to create custom reports. Finally, we’ll look at how to save, export and share reports with clients and colleagues.

Learning Objectives

You should be able to:

Quickly prepare, customize, and distribute video campaign reports to peers and clients.

Identify appropriate video view metrics based on campaign bid strategy.

Select reporting metrics essential to campaign reporting based on your objective.

Articulate the process for engaging with third-party reporting providers, including Nielsen & ComScore.


Lesson 1

Advanced audience reporting

Many brands come to Twitter to achieve viewability, attribution and advanced audience reporting for their campaigns.

Twitter has multiple relationships with third-party measurement providers that enable marketers to measure the impact of their video ad campaigns across reach, influence, and actions taken.

Viewability and Attribution:

Twitter’s global relationships with Moat (‎@moat) and Integral Ad Science (‎@integralads) enable marketers to understand if the video ads they run on Twitter are viewable by humans, and allow marketers to compare video ad viewability and attention metrics across channels.

Among in-app impressions Moat has measured on Twitter, Moat has detected 99% of them are viewed by humans.

Getting Started
  • To measure your video ad campaigns using Moat, IAS, Nielsen DAR, or comScore vCE, reach out to your Twitter Client Partner. 
  • Both Moat and IAS are available globally. Nielsen is available in the US and more than 20 international markets. comScore vCE provides Twitter measurement in the US, Canada, Spain & the UK.

Lesson 2

Audience reporting partners

Audience reach

We’ve expanded our relationships with Nielsen (‎@Nielsen) and comScore (‎@comScore).

Using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), Twitter empowers marketers to measure whether their Twitter ads were delivered to the audience they intended to reach.

Global partnerships

Beyond these partners, Twitter has relationships with top measurement companies, which allows our partners to measure the reach, influence, and action that results from their advertising. This includes ongoing conversations with organizations like the Media Ratings Council on the accreditation process.

Next, let’s move on to creating reports and viewing metrics available in the Twitter Ad Manager.

Implementing third-party measurement

Once you’ve established a relationship with a third-party measurement provider, you’ll find everything you need to implement advanced campaign measurement in our Help Center.


Lesson 3

Create reports in Ads Manager

With your video campaigns up and running, you’ll want to begin tracking various aspects of campaign performance. Twitter Ads Manager allows you to quickly create, export, or share reports across a variety of metrics and time periods.

Reporting can help you understand performance at various levels of granularity, from funding sources, campaigns, and ad groups, to audiences and creatives.

These reports will help you optimize campaigns to reach their full potential and to present status and campaign reports to your colleagues and clients.

Twitter’s reporting tools are powerful and can be used whether you’re a campaign novice or a true expert. Below, you’ll find the key elements you’ll need to create and share your first video campaign reports.

  1. Summary reports - these most commonly run reports present pre-defined metrics for various campaign objectives and formats. Select the summary you’d like from the drop down list including both: In-Stream Video Views and Promoted Video ad views.
  2. Summary breakdown - provides commonly used reporting dimensions including: Days, placement, creatives, and additional options.
  3. Options for exporting and sharing reports for additional analysis and collaboration.
  4. Campaign and audience dimensions can also be selected to dive more deeply into performance at the campaign, ad group, ad, or audience level. 
  5. Customize Metrics - add any metrics you’d like to see in your dashboard.

Lesson 4

Create custom reports

Once you’re comfortable with the performance dashboard in Ad Manager, you’ll want to begin creating custom reports for your campaigns.

Ads manager gives you complete control of reporting and metrics. You can view and share reporting across a variety of metrics and dimensions that are important to your client. You’ll be able to measure effectiveness against your campaign objectives.

To add custom metrics to your dashboard:

  1. Choose “Metrics Summary” and select “Custom metrics…”

Lesson 5

Select custom metrics

You can select and save custom metrics to tailor campaign performance dashboards for your campaigns and easily share or export reports for client reports or further analysis. Once you have saved a metric set, it will become available in the metrics drop-down with your other presets.

Use custom metrics to:

  1. Select the video metrics you want to review in the dashboard and downloaded reports. 
  2. Name and save your view so you can select it every time you log into Twitter Ads Manager 
  3. Drag and drop the order in which the metrics appear in reports.

A note about video views:

Not all video views are created equal.

  • When reviewing Twitter Video Ads performance metrics remember that Twitter videos reports default to standard MRC (Media Ratings Council) views counted at 50% of a video viewed for 2 seconds.
  • You’ll want to be sure to select an alternate view should you have purchased views at 100% or 3 seconds.
  • Keep in mind that unlike other platforms, Twitter video ads are not forced-watch ads. People on Twitter can scroll through the timeline should they not wish to watch a video.

Lesson 6

Export and share reports

With custom metrics selected, Ads Manager makes exporting and sharing reports quick and easy.

You can download and share reports to create presentations, to view campaign performance against other media, or to create client-ready reports.

  1. Click “Export” and “Export Data” to download your dashboard metrics.
  2. Click “Share” to generate a link which you can share with anyone who has access to the Twitter Ads Manager account.

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