Module 2:

How Twitter’s video publishers, brand-safety, and transparency differentiate Twitter video


Inventory quality matters.

Top publishers and video producers worldwide connect with audiences on Twitter. To people on Twitter, these videos and publishers are a way to discover what’s happening in the world.

For brands, this presents an opportunity to align messages with premium TV-like content through Twitter’s video ads.

In many cases, brands may already be purchasing inventory available on Twitter either directly or through networks or exchanges.

As audience behavior shifts, Twitter is a go-to choice for advertisers looking to increase reach and association with content they know their audience cares about.

Learning Objectives

You should be able to:

Articulate how transparency and advertiser controls differentiate publisher inventory on Twitter, compared to other platforms.

Speak to mechanisms, including curated TV-quality content on Twitter, that help increase safety for brands.


Lesson 1

Publishers and inventory quality matter for any video media plan.

Most of your clients are concerned with brand-safety. They look to you to recommend brand-safe environments to tell their story. That’s a big responsibility.

In many cases, advertisers are already buying publisher content through direct or programmatic buys.

A direct (TV) buy is almost certain to be brand-safe; however, it may not reach consumers who don’t watch TV.

Programmatic or ad network buys can be price effective, but lack certainty as to whether your ad will be seen, and can be subject to ad-fraud.

As a result, advertisers are challenged to access publisher content they know works for their brand at a larger scale, or more efficiently.

Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads provides a brand-safe ad environment while letting you capture audiences you might miss on other channels. In-Stream Video Ads give you access to high-quality, professionally-produced programming, in categories like sports, news, entertainment, and more.

Unlike other platforms, your ads won’t run in front of user-generated content (UGC). You’re in control over the categories, audiences, and publishers where your content will appear – giving you greater control over your brand story.

Please note, publishers vary by market.


User Generated Video Content (UGC) for advertisers who opt out of Digital Creators in Twitter Ads Manager


brand-safe partners


content categories



Lesson 2

Advertisers want to be sure you understand how their brand will be protected.

Twitter has additional monitoring safeguards to help ensure our video inventory is brand-safe. Here are the steps we take to ensure brand safety:

  • Algorithmic scans of publisher Tweets
  • Manual review of videos
  • Publisher education and enforcement

Be sure that you can articulate these to advertisers. When brand safety is critical for your campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Twitter Client Partner for more details. We can share more comprehensively how Twitter creates a brand-safe video environment.

Video ads are only bought against viewable views (100% MRC viewable) and


are viewed by humans

Source: MOAT


Lesson 3

Transparency and brand-safety controls reduce advertiser risk.

We instruct our partners to prioritize brand safety and be conservative with the video content they monetize. Additionally, we provide marketers with full transparency and control over where their ads will run. Unlike many competing platforms, we believe your advertisers should always receive:

Full Publisher List

Before your campaign, review and approve a complete list of publishers.

Category Blocking

Prevent your ads from appearing in specific categories.

Publisher Blacklist

Prevent your ads from appearing before specific publishers.


Lesson 4

Mapping Twitter video ads to media plan objectives.

We’ve talked about trends in video consumption, the explosion of video views on Twitter, and the unique aspects of people on Twitter. We’ve also looked at Twitter’s TV-quality inventory, and how Twitter provides additional brand-safety controls.

Over the next few lessons, we’ll dive more deeply into each of our Twitter video ad products. We’ll share how each of them can help you achieve your campaign objectives to:

  • Launch something new to the marketplace, such as a product or ad campaign (First View).
  • Connect with what’s happening by sharing your video content during key cultural moments that people are talking about. (In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships).
  • Promote your brand story and ongoing branding campaigns (Promoted Video).

Before you move through the next lessons, it’s critical to talk to your client or buying team to understand:

  • What are your advertiser’s business goals?
  •  Who do you need to reach and when?
  •  What do you want consumers to think, feel, and do?


reason that people come to Twitter is to ‘discover something new and interesting.’

Source: Twitter Insiders (c space), The Rising Bar of Video, research partnership with Publicis, 2016, US


digital platform for ‘coming across video’ (vs. seeking out something specific).

Source: DB5 + Twitter, Twitter and Mobile Video Consumption, 2016