Module 1:

Video on Twitter and Twitter’s audience


Beyond impressions, reach, points, or even eyeballs, media buying is about reaching an audience receptive to your message.

It’s the individuals in an audience, their passions and priorities – how they see themselves and the world – that differentiate one media buy from another.

In this module, we’ll examine the explosive growth of people engaging with video on Twitter. We’ll look at the unique perspective they bring to the platform to better understand where and how Twitter fits in – and stands out – in the video landscape.

Learning Objectives

You should be able to:

Articulate how Twitter’s audience and mindset differentiate Twitter video on a media plan.

Describe how Twitter video delivers efficient reach for key TV audiences.

Speak to how a spike in video views has led to a decrease in the cost of reaching your audience.


Lesson 1

Video is growing, due to the accelerating consumption of video and increased ad effectiveness.

Every day, people are discovering what’s happening by watching video on Twitter.

A couple of critical trends are increasing Twitter video’s relevance for any media plan:

  • Consumer behavior is shifting to watching video on mobile.
  • Video ads are increasingly effective for reaching and connecting with consumers.

When it comes to brand objectives, you want to connect with consumers and influence their perceptions about your brand.


of people 18 - 24 will watch digital video at least once per month this year.

Source: eMarketer Aug 2017


of marketers surveyed had a positive ROI with digital video.

Source: Sequent Partners, Oct., 2016


Lesson 2

More people are discovering what’s happening through video on Twitter.

On Twitter, people find out what’s happening through premium, TV-like video.  

These videos are delivered in partnership with some of the world’s leading publishers across global sports, news, and entertainment.  

People on Twitter discover and share video programming, which includes: 

  • Highlights
  • Live Video
  • Original Programming


from last night's sporting events & top clips from popular television shows.

Live Video

Top TV shows and marquee events across news, sports and entertainment.

Original Programming

for an online, mobile audience.


Lesson 3

Twitter provides a variety of ad formats for advertisers to reach consumers.

A variety of ad formats are available for advertisers to reach the growing number of people watching video on Twitter. Use these formats to develop a video strategy customized to your goals:

  • First View
  • In-Stream Video Ads & Sponsorships
  • Promoted Video

First View

Drive mass awareness with a timeline takeover. It’s ideal for launching a new product or ad campaign.

Connect with what's happening by running pre-roll video ads before video content your audience is interested in.

Promoted Video

This highly targeted, interactive ad format lets you promote your brand's story in creative ways. These formats include options for targeting, pricing, measurement, and reporting.


Lesson 4

More video inventory means increased reach and efficiency compared with TV.

Recent trends in video consumption, inventory, and pricing have helped make Twitter an efficient place to advertise.

Video consumption on Twitter has increased substantially, along with an increase in premium video inventory.

Pricing for auction-based video ads has also declined year-over-year.

All together, this presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to use Twitter to reach their target audiences more efficiently than they would with TV.

With Twitter video you can achieve incremental, efficient reach on top of your TV campaigns.


cost per engagement was down 42% year-over-year.

Source: Nielsen TAR, 2017, six-large scale brand campaigns


more efficient at reaching target audience than TV in terms of cost per engagement.

Source: Firefish & The Numbers Lab, 2016


Lesson 5

People on Twitter are receptive to brands’ messages.

To understand Twitter’s value, it’s important to understand why people come to Twitter.   

People come to Twitter to explore and find content outside their immediate social circle, to find out what’s happening in the world, and are eager to discover something new.   

On Twitter, people want to discover great and relevant content no matter who the content creator is, whether it’s a friend, celebrity, publisher, or brand.   

And a majority of people agree that branded content on Twitter is trustworthy – significantly higher than on Facebook and Instagram (Firefish & The Numbers Lab, 2016). 

This means people on Twitter are receptive to brands’ messages. 

In a lab experiment we discovered that the same video ad on Twitter is


more memorable

compared to other platforms (based on memory encoding).

Source: How Social Video Works, IPG Media Lab, US, 2016


of people say Twitter influences their purchasing decisions, tying Twitter with Instagram and beating out YouTube and Facebook.

Source: Firefish & The Numbers Lab, 2016


of people agree that branded content on Twitter is trustworthy (significantly higher than on Facebook and Instagram).

Source: Firefish & The Numbers Lab, 2016


Lesson 6

Twitter’s audience is attractive to brands looking to reach people who are young, influential, and receptive.


Media buyers and planners come to Twitter to find incremental audiences – especially young audiences who are hard to reach on TV (18-24).


Media works harder and is more effective when matched to an audience that is talking about brands and products.


Mindset is different on Twitter than on Facebook or Instagram. People come to Twitter to discover something new, including brand messages.


average incremental reach to TV jumps to +25% for ages 18-24

Source: Nielsen TAR, 2017; Four large Telco and CPG brands coinciding with major TV advertising events


People on Twitter are +38% more likely to post opinions about brands and products than those on other social media.

Source: Global Web Index (US), Q4 2016