Twitter Flight School Presents: Video Advertising on Twitter

Whether you’re a traditional TV buyer, a Digital buyer, or a Social strategist, these two courses will guide you in building the knowledge and skills you need to meet your clients’ video advertising goals. The courses have been designed to help you level up your expertise with video advertising on Twitter so that you and your clients can succeed.

Course 1:

Twitter Video Advertising Foundations

Learn about video on Twitter, including our video partners and ad formats. Understand how to structure plans to achieve specific advertiser objectives. We’ve shared sample campaign flights, targeting, pricing, and measurement templates to save you time.

Course 2:

Twitter Video Advertising Campaign Basics

Walk step-by-step through the execution of a Twitter video ad campaign, including campaign creation, launch, optimisation, and reporting. The course does not require previous experience with the Twitter Ads Manager. It’s the perfect place to start regardless of digital experience.