Module 5:

Campaign spotlight: Promote your brand’s story with Promoted Video


As a marketer, you’re constantly trying to achieve clients’ goals throughout the purchase funnel as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

With this module, you’ll discover how Twitter’s Promoted Video ad formats can help you meet those challenges across a variety of client objectives.

From Video Website Cards to Promoted Tweet Carousels to Conversational Ads, you’ll see how these ad formats differ – and the appropriate use cases for each.

Learning Objectives

You should be able to:

Differentiate ad formats and use cases for Promoted Video, Video Website Cards, Conversational Video Ads, and Promoted Tweet Carousels.

Map Twitter’s Promoted Video offerings to brand stories your advertisers want to tell.


Lesson 1

Tell a rich and interactive brand story with Promoted Video.

Promoted Video is available in a few different formats that, independently or together, tell a brand’s story in an interactive way and drive results. With multiple pricing and targeting combinations, Promoted Video helps advertisers and media planners address storytelling challenges while:

  • Driving engagement along each phase of the purchase funnel. 
  • Using a format with a proven history of driving brand lift and offline sales impact.
  • Preventing potential budget losses from buying via exchanges due to poor ad viewability, audience verification, or offline sales impact metrics.

Twitter’s Promoted Video ad format can achieve up to


higher ROI than other Twitter Ad formats.

Source: Data2Decisions Marketing Mi Model, 2017

Tell your brand's story with:

  • Promoted Video
  • Video Website Cards 
  • Conversational Video Ads 
  • Promoted Tweet Carousels

Lesson 2

Promoted Video drives measurable results throughout the purchase funnel.

From ad recall through purchase intent, Promoted Video drives results brands care about and want to measure. It’s a powerful lever across campaign goals.

Promoted Video is a flexible ad format and feature:

  • Native, autoplay video in the timeline. 
  • Targeting options including broad to narrow targeting as well as re-targeting.
  • Campaign optimisation tools across targeting, creatives, and bids.
  • Full video metrics with preset performance or fully customisable reporting.

Lesson 3

Video Website Cards bridge the experience from the Twitter timeline to the client’s website or mobile site.

Video Website Cards include a clear call to action that drives people from their timeline to a website.

Videos appear at the top of the screen as the site loads. This reduces the load time of website assets.

And as a result, advertisers have seen a significant reduction in the number of people who quickly abandoned the site while it was still loading.

Beta participants saw an average


increase in user retention.

Source: Twitter internal data; Doubleclick 'The Need for Mobile Speed' 2016, comparing % of users who dwell > 3 seconds after a page starts loading


higher CTR than mobile video ad benchmark

Source: Twitter internal data; eMarketer video ad CTR benchmark on mobile, Q2 2017


Lesson 4

Video Website Cards can be optimized for specific objectives as they shift throughout a campaign.

Advertisers can choose to run a Video Website Card based on video views, website clicks, or awareness. Without changing creatives, they can optimise between campaign objectives and pay only for actions that are needed during a particular media plan phase.

For example, a movie studio that wants to launch a new movie may run a Video Website Card optimising for video views on the trailer earlier in the campaign, when the goal is to get moviegoers aware of the new film. The studio may choose to optimise for website clicks later in the campaign, when the movie is in cinemas and the primary goal is ticket sales.


Lesson 5

Conversational Video Cards encourage conversation and earned media across a media plan.

Conversational Video Cards are Promoted Tweets with call-to-action buttons and customisable hashtags that prompt people to Tweet and share a message with their followers.

The format makes it easy for people to engage with and spread your campaign messages. This means increased engagement, expanded reach, and earned media for your campaign, as well as earned video reach, all through social sharing. Advertisers can further incentivise sharing by unlocking special or behind-the-scenes content when Tweeted.

  • Conversational Ad formats support video and images.
  • For Tweet Engagement and Video Views campaigns, you will see a tab titled "Conversations" on your dashboard.

Lesson 6

Promoted Tweet Carousel lets you curate Tweets to tell a brand story.

Use the Promoted Tweet Carousel to curate multiple Tweets within a single swipeable ad. You can showcase a brand’s Tweets with videos, images, or text. You can also highlight third-party Tweets about a brand, provided that you have permission to feature them.

Promoted Tweet Carousel features include:

  • Autoplay videos
  • A minimum of two and a maximum of six Tweets 

N.B. The Promoted Tweet Carousel is only available on mobile devices.

Please note:

The advertiser is responsible for obtaining appropriate permission from a user for use of his or her Tweet. Twitter may be unable to verify that a brand received that permission before an ad runs, but may take down the ad if a violation is reported after the fact.