Course 1:

Twitter Video Advertising Foundations


Welcome to the course! As a media professional, your work is incredibly challenging. In the fast-moving world of digital video advertising, there’s a lot to stay on top of – in addition to long hours and constant pressure.

Our goal is to help you become a more strategic and valued partner for your agency and clients by growing your expertise in video on Twitter. By participating in this course, you’ll gain new skills to build a Twitter video plan you can present confidently to your clients. In our next course, you’ll learn how to execute your plans and see results – regardless of your experience in the Twitter Ads Manager. 

Thanks for joining us. Let's get started.

Learning Objectives

You should be able to:

Articulate how people on Twitter, and their unique mindset, differentiate Twitter video on a media plan.

Describe how Twitter video delivers incremental reach for TV buys.

Differentiate Twitter’s video inventory for advertisers concerned with brand safety and match Twitter video ad formats to key media plan objectives.